Ipy Girl- Tad Wakamatsu (Jörg Colberg)


Ipy Girl by Tad Wakamatsu is a photo book from the late 1960’s depicting Wakamatsu’s journey across America as almost a memoir of sorts.

Containing images of nudes, bikers and hippies this book gives us an insight into Wakamatsu’s journey as he traveled. Noise and energy is ever so present in these images as Wakamatsu displays the enjoyment in his subjects perfectly.tumblr_lqgm42MGPF1qc4eyio1_1280.jpg

What I enjoyed about this book was the sense of Wakamatsu viewing one woman as almost a muse as she (Haruku Wanabuchi) features in almost every image, either hiding amongst a crowd, posing nude or dancing around giving the images a noise which adds to the cacophony of the book.

One section of the book that stood out to me the most was the beautiful detailed section in which a series of nudes were printed on almost translucent paper, turing simple nudes of a woman into a dance of sorts as each image blended into the next. This section not only displays Wakamatsu’s stunning photographical techniques but the extent of craftman-ship that goes into the making of these books.




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