She Dances on Jackson – Vanessa Winship (Jörg Colberg)


She Dances on Jackson by Vanessa Winship is a simplistic, almost conservative photo book that transpired from a series of road trips across America. Like many photographers before her Winship used America as a platform to travel and take photographs of her journey. One could almost compare her photography with that of Walker Evans with her book American Photographs as it displays America in its true forms today.

With each photo placed on the right hand page of the book with an opposing blank page it is quite clear to see that the book itself has a design that caters to the images, allowing them to be presented in a simplistic and conservative manner.

I was taken in by these photographs and the photo book itself as the silence and lack of noise allowed me to see the serenity of each image. The photographs that Winship chose to place together in this photo book blend together perfectly as no image seems louder than the next.


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