Lift – Marc Isaacs’

Lift‘, the directorial debut by Marc Isaacs is a short film where he simply films residents of an East London tower block in the confinement of an elevator showing us glimpses of their daily lives. Isaac’s filmed ‘Lift’ over the course of two months, filming residents of the tower block for ten hours a day as they went up and down the elevator.

The multi-cultural society of London allows Isaacs’ to document the lives of a truly diverse group of people as the residents of the tower block are of different ages, nationalities and religions. Through documenting his encounters with the people in the confinement of the elevator Isaacs’ was able to paint a clear portrait of life in a  London high rise for the viewer, giving them a true insight into the different personalities and characters that one might find in such a small community of people.

 Isaacs has an astounding gift for getting people to open up to him and he uses film the way a skilled artist uses paint. The result is beautiful, heartbreaking and profoundly humane. – Times online


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